Current Issue

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 475-485. Kutygin R.V., Kilyasov A.N. Stratigraphic position of the ammonoid Paramexicoceras Popow in the Permian-Triassic deposits of the Southern Verkhoyanie, Northeast Russia

P. 486-498. Oparin N.A., Oleinikov O.B. The geology and composition of the KhompuMay field kim berlite pipes (Central Yakutia, Russia)

P. 499-513. Tomshin М.D., Gogoleva S.S. Hightitanium dolerites as a new criterion for the kimberlite prospecting

P. 514-526. Zueva I.N., Chalaya O.N., Kashirtsev V.A., Sivtsev A.I., Aleksandrov A.R., Glyaznetsova Yu.S., Lifshits S.Kh. The organic geochemistry of rocks from Upper Jurassic deposits fore land of the Indigiro-Zyryansky trough

Mineral processing

P. 527-538. Ochosov O.Yu., Matveev A.I. The mechanism of additional segregation of minerals by den sity in the bed of the centrifugalvibrating concentrator

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 539-546. Skryabin P.N. Engineering and geocryological conditions of the Yenisei Arctic

General biology

P. 547-560. Danilova A.A., Petrov A.A. Studies of post mining soils in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

P. 561-571. Popov A.A. Distribution patterns of dendro- and tamnobiont Symphyta fauna (Hymenoptera, Symhyta) in the middle taiga subzone of Yakutia

P. 572-591. Legostaeva Y.B., Rufova A.A. Analysis of the hydrochemical conditions of the largest lakes in Yakutsk

P. 592-599. Klimovsky A.I., Kolesov S.D. New findings of a wolf (Canis lupus L. 1758) in the Late Pleis tocene sediments of the KolymaIndigirka Lowland

P. 600-609. Petrova P.G., Borisova N.V. The microelement status of residents of the Vilyui region

Biological resources

P. 610-617. Mikhailov V.V., Sleptsov I.V., Rozhina S.M., Kershengolts B.M. The prospects for the rational use of biologically active substances from Pinus sylvestris needles in the creation of bio preparations

Materials science

P. 618-630. Vasilev A.P., Struchkova T.S., Lazareva N.N., Nikitina A.V., Alekseev A.G. Effect of molybdenum disulphide and carbon fibers on the properties and structure of polymer composite materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene

P. 631-642. Danilova S.N., Okoneshnikova A.V., Okhlopkova A.A. Polymer materials based on ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene: structure and properties