Submission and publication order

The manuscript is submitted to the Editorial Office in Word via e-mail: [email protected], with the following documents attached:

  • Official statement from the organization where the work was performed, indicating that this material has not been published in other journals.
  • Expert opinion of the organization on the possibility of open-access publication.
    Information about the authors (all): full name, place of work, position, academic degree, academic title, email address , contact phone number, Scopus ID/Orcid ID etc (if applicable).
  • The journal accepts materials that have not previously been published or submitted to other journals. The submitted manuscripts are checked in the Antiplagiat system. Manuscripts should be written in accordance with the requirements of the journal.

Publication Order

  1. Manuscripts conforming to the scope of the journal are accepted.
  2. The Editorial office keeps a list of submitted papers. It provides the author with a confirmation on receipt of the manuscript.
  3. In case of noncompliance with the requirements for publication in the journal, a motivated refusal is sent to the author.
  4. All submitted articles are reviewed. The reviews are kept in the archive at the Editorial Office within 5 years. If necessary they are sent to Higher Attestation Commission (VAK), Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  5. After decision of the Editorial Board to publish the manuscript, the author signs a license agreement.
  6. Manuscripts which receive a negative decision are not published and are returned to the author.
  7. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make changes which do not distort the contents of the manuscripts.
  8. The Publishing Editor submits a draft of the journal contents for approval to the Editorial Board.
  9. A decision about publication of the manuscript is made within two weeks from the date of receiving it. Terms of publication of the article does not exceed 6 months.
  10. The decision on publishing the article takes 10 days upon receiving a positive peer-review. The timeline for publication is 6 months.
  11. Hard copies of the journal are provided to the authors without any charge.