Current Issue

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 181-194. Tretyakov F.F. Tectonics of the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma mesozoid system (Eastern Yakutia)
P. 195-206. Baranov L.N. Tolstov A.V. The role of phoscorites in the minerageny of the Tomtor ore field
P. 207-220. Gerasimov B.B. Material composition and geological-structural position of gold-bearing hydrothermal-metasomatic formations of the Anabar river basin (northeast of the Siberian platform)

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 221-232. Bobrova D.A., Kazakov A.I., Shevchenko A.I. Current dynamics of the amount of solid precipitation and the spring flood runoff on the Sakhalin rivers
P. 233-245. Fedorova S.V., Pavlova N.A. Fluorine in surface and suprapermafrost waters in Central Yakutia

General biology

P. 246-257. Turchina T.A. Yanchenko Z.A. Assessment of the reindeer pastures safety in the Avam tundra: content of heavy metals in the vegetative organs of plants
P. 258-267. Tantsyrev N.V., Ivanova N.S., Petrova I.V. Analysis of regression relationships of air temperature at different altitudes in the mountains of the Northern Urals
P. 268-276. Kolosova O.N., Kershengolts B.M. Seasonal changes in the level of endogenous ethanol and acetaldehyde in the blood of large herbivorous mammals of the Arctic and Subarctic

Biological resources

P. 277-281. Alekseev K.V. Analysis of taxational indicators of the larch forests in the Middle Lena valley (Central Yakutia)
P. 282-293. Danilova N.S., Borisova S.Z., Egorova A.A. Phytocenotic characteristics of Psathyrostachys caespitosa-Krascheninnikovia сеratoides communities in Yakutia
P. 294-304. Shmakova N.Yu., Markovskaya E.F., Morozova K.V., Ermolaeva O.V., Litvinova T.I. Stellaria humifusa adaptation on the western coast of Svalbard

Materials science

P. 305-315. Struchkov N.F., Lebedev D.I., Vinokurov G.G. Wear testing of powder coatings and investi- gations of microgeometry of friction surfaces under cold conditions
P. 316-326. Fedorova A.F., Davydova M.L., Shadrinov N.V., Borisova A.A., Fedorov A.L., Antoev K.P., Haldeeva A.R., Pavlova V.V. Investigation of changes in the properties of sealing rubbers under the influence of a hydrocarbon environment and temperature conditions