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Improvement of the Effectiveness of X-Ray Luminescent Separation of Diamond-Bearing Raw Materials

V.F. Monastyrskiy*, I.A. Makalin**

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*Polytechnic Institute (subsidiary), North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosov

**«Yakutniproalmaz» Institute «ALROSA» Co. Ltd
e-mail: [email protected][email protected]

Received 06.11.2016

Abstract. The article describes how to improve X-ray fluorescent separation of diamond-bearing raw materials at the enterprises of JSC «ALROSA». The questions of substantiation of different operating modes of X-ray luminescent separators (threshold and selective) are considered. On the basis of statistical processing of the diamonds samplings from concentrates and tails of the separators operated in the conditions of the concentrating factories of ALROSA, it is established that the most effective criterion for separation of diamond-bearing raw materials into concentrate and tails is the autocorrelation function (convolution). The convolution values are found at which the optimum enrichment rates are achieved by X-ray luminescence separation. The effectiveness of the developed recommendations is proved.

Key words: separator, luminescence, crystal, intensity, enrichment, separation, effectiveness, recommendation, package, component.

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