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Enhancement of Operating Characteristics of Hard-Alloy Diamond-Containing Composites due to Diffusive Metallization of Diamond Component During the Process of Sintering with Impregnation. Part II. Structural and Phase Organization of Interfacial Layers Between Diamond and Matrix

P.P. Sharin*, S.P. Yakovleva*, G.G. Vinokurov*, V.I. Popov**

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*Larionov Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the North SB RAS, Yakutsk
**M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk

Received 07.02.2017

Abstract. The conducted study belongs to a field of fundamental and application-oriented issues of interphase interaction and formation of interfacial layers between a filler and matrix during the synthesis of composite systems. We have studied the factors determining the strength of a diamonds retention in a hard-alloy matrix of a high-resource abrasive composites obtained by the hybrid synthesis technology with thermaldiffusion metallization of diamond particles and sintering by a scheme of the self-metering impregnation. Chemical composition, morphology and distribution of the reaction products, the nature of the resulting carbon phases in the contact zone between the diamond and matrix are investigated using scanning electron microscopy, X-ray phase analysis, Raman spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy. It is found that the increase of physical and chemical adhesion of diamond with the matrix during the synthesis of composites by the developed technology occurs due to the formation (as a result of the thermochemical etching by the metal fusion at the initial stages of sintering) of high nanoand submicronic roughness of the diamond surface, formation of island-type metallized coating, dense filling of gaps by nanoscale layers of metal-infiltrate. Free carbon (graphite) is found in small quantities in the form of micron dimension separate inclusions. The revealed multilevel hierarchy of the high-structured morphological forms of the elements of the transitional layers has provided the solidity and strength of the joint between diamond and matrix.

Key words: diamond composites, natural diamond, hard-alloy matrix, metallized coating, sintering, impregnation, interphase boundary, graphitizing, diamond retention.

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