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A Variety of Rosaceae in Natural Communities of the Yakutsk Botanical Garden

O.A. Nikolaeva

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Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone SB RAS

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Received 14.02.2017

Abstract. The article provides information about a variety of Rosaceae family in the natural area of the Yakutsk Botanical Garden as one of the leading families, which comprises 12 genera and 22 species. Information about the method and area of the study is given. The description of phytocoenotic environment is done. The results of taxonomic, arealogical, biomorphological (variety of life forms is given according to K. Raunkier), ecological (according to A. Shennikov), rhythmological, phytocoenotic analyzes are presented.

Key words: Central Yakutia, Yakutsk Botanical Garden, Chuchur-Muran, Rosaceae, areal, phytocenosis, life form, phenorhythmotype, biomorphological spectrum, ecological analysis, introduction.

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