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Copper-nickel sulfide mineral occurrence in dolerites of the eastern slope of the Аnabar shield

A.V. Okrugin1,*, A.L. Zemnukhov2A.I. Zhuravlev1
DOI 10.31242/2618-9712-2021-26-4-16-28

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1Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute SB RAS, Yakutsk, Russia
2AO Almazy Anabara, Yakutsk, Russia
*[email protected]

Received 29.09.2021
Accepted 16.11.2021

Okrugin A.V., Zemnukhov A.L., Zhuravlev A.I. Copper-nickel sulfide mineral occurrence in dolerites of the eastern slope of the Аnabar shield // Arctic and Subarctic Natural Resources. 2021, Vol. 26, No. 4. P. 16–28. (In Russ.) https://doi.org/10.31242/2618-9712-2021-26-4-16-28

Abstract. A description of sulfide nodules from the block of dolerites, found on the terrace of the Bolshaya Kuonamka river on the eastern side of the Anabar shield (north-east of the Siberian platform) is given. Dolerites are represented by medium-grained rocks with ophitic texture, consist mainly of plagioclase, augite, and Ti-magnetite; potassium feldspar, amphibole, pigeonite, apatite, chlorite, zeolite, quartz, calcite, and ilmenite are less common. In terms of chemical composition and structure, these dolerites are similar to the Precambrian subalkaline dolerites. Sulfides in the studied dolerites occur in the form of separate rounded segregations up to 8 mm in size, consisting mainly of pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite. Small (from several microns to 0.5 mm) drop-shaped precipitates of pyrrhotite and chalcopyrite are often found. Such forms of sulfide mineral segregations indicate that large nodules are formed during merging of small primary sulfide droplets immiscible with silicate magma. Siegenite (Co,Ni,Fe)3S4, gersdorffite NiAsS with a high Fe content up to 6 %, Co up to 12 % and Sb up to 3 %, galena, sphalerite, and others are less common in sulfide segregations. Sulfide minerals are often gravitating to the accumulations of Ti-magnetite and apatite, forming close sulfide-apatite-titanomagnetite segregations. The presence of liquation sulfide segregations in igneous rocks is one of the important criteria of the saturation of magmatic melts with sulfides, indicating their potential ore content. Platinoid-copper-nickel sulfide deposits of the Norilsk region are characterized by similar forms of segregations and sulfide mineral associations. Vein-disseminated coppernickel mineralization in taxite gabbro-dolerites of the Budyurkhaiskaya dike along the Kengede river is known, which allows us to suggest the possible presence of Precambrian basite rocks with Cu-Ni sulfide mineralization on the Anabar shield.

Keywords: copper-nickel ores, sulfides, dolerites, Siberian platform, Anabar shield.

Acknowledgements. The authors thank all colleagues who participated in the field work: Androsov A.R. – the chief and Nakhodkin A.P. – geologist of the Kuonamskaya GRP, as well as employees of the Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute SB RAS – Khristoforova N.V., Samsonova O.K., Vasilieva A.S., Zamiyskaya O.D. and Vasilieva T.I. for performing analytical studies. This study was carried out within the State Assignment for Diamond and Precious Metal Geology Institute SB RAS (No. 0381-2019-0003).


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