2021 №4

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 5-15. Vasiliev D.A., Prokopiev A.V. New data on the tectonics of the Adych-Taryn fault zone (Eastern Yakutia)

P. 16-28. Okrugin A.V., Zemnukhov A.L., Zhuravlev A.I. Copper-nickel sulfide mineral occurrence in dolerites of the eastern slope of the Аnabar shield

P. 29-42. Oparin N.A., Oleynikov O.B. Minerals of the phlogopite-kinoshitalite series from the ground- mass of kimberlite rocks in pipes from the Khompu-May field (Central Yakutia)

P. 43-53. Chalaya O.N., Lifshits S.Kh., Kashirtsev V.A, Zueva I.N., Glyaznetsova Yu.S. Skeleton structure hydrocarbons in different genetic types of oils and condensates in Western Yakutia

General Biology

P. 54-66. Masanov A.Yu., Anisimova P.S., Tolstov A.V., Sheremet A.H., Dubovichev M.A., Zimov N.S. Implementation of environmental initiatives of JSC «ALROSA» (PJSC) to achieve carbon neutrality

P. 67-81. Alfimov A.V., Berman D.I. North-East of Asia as the temperature hyperzone and its altera tion over the past 60 Years. Communication 1. Temperature regime of a warm season in the North-East of Asia

P. 82-90. Danilova N.S., Semenova V.V. Рhytocenotic characteristics of the communities with participation of the Аlyssum lenense in the Lena River valley

P. 91-102. Kolosova O.N., Zasimova E.Z., Sleptsov I.V., Golderova A.S., Kershengolts B.M. On the development of a test for the selection of shift workers for work in the North based on the determination of the metabolomic profile of blood plasma, by the example of workers in water transport

Biological resources

P. 103-111. Sidorov M.M., Mamaev N.V., Sleptsov I.V., Zhuravskaya A.N., Mikhailov V.V. Biochemical composition of bile and nutrition of Martes zibellina in the wintertime in Yakutia

P. 112-121. Dokuchaeva V.B., Dokuchaev N.E. Ayan spruce in the Magadan region: introduction or reintroduction?

Metallurgy and Materials Science
Materials Science

P. 122-131. Kolesova E.S., Gogoleva O.V., Petrova P.N. Development of polymer composite materials based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with the high stability of characteristics under the conditions of sharply continental climate