2021 №3

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 5-30. Anisimova G.S., Kondratieva L.A., Kardashevskaia V.N., Mustafin S.K. Features of the goldsilver-bismuth-tellurium mineralization in the Allakh-Yun metallogenic zone (North-East of Russia)

P. 31-42. Sustavov O.A. Cleavage microstructures and stretching indicators in black-slate rocks of the northern part of the Ulakhan-Sis antiform (Kularsky district, Yakutia)

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 43-51. Skryabin P.N. Thermal state of soils in the Yenisei Arctic

P. 52-63. Cherepanova A.M., Spektor V.V., Shepelev A.G. Surface organic and inorganic carbon in the landscapes of the Lena-Amga interfluve (Central Yakutia)

P. 64-74. Kut’ A.A., Melnikov A.E. The method of micromorphological analysis of loose sediments and its application for the reconstruction of paleogeographic settings in the cryolithozone

General Biology

P. 75-85. Isakova T.A., Petukhova E.S., Pavlova V.V., Erofeevskaya L.A. Features of biological contamina- tion of mammoth tusks during long-term storage in various conditions

P. 86-99. Tananaev N.I., Nakhodkin N.A., Golovanov A.O. Genesis, scenarios and features of flood prediction in the middle reach of the Amga River (Central Yakutia)

P. 100-111. Vasilevskaya N.V. Polyvariance of the reproductive development of Betula czerepanovii Or- lova under the conditions of technogenic stress

P. 112-119. Filippova G.V., Darkhanova V.G., Stroeva N.S. The growth of potato micro-stalks in vitro under the action of multiconversion biopreparation Embiota

Biological resources

P. 120-135. Kershengolts B.M., Shashurin M.M., Sleptcova S.S., Vinokurova M.K., Kolosova O.N. Biological product from natural northern biological raw materials with possible use in the prevention, treatment and remission stages after bacterial and viral infections, including COVID-19

P. 136-143. Vasilyeva A.G., Chirikova N.K. Phenolic compounds of the needles of Pinus Pumila (Pall.) Regel growing in Yakutia

P. 144-154. Vilk E.F. Moss flora of the Magadansky Reserve and its vicinities

Metallurgy and Materials Science
Materials Science

P. 155-168. Bryansky A.A., Bashkov O.V., Malysheva D.P. Investigation on thermooxidative aging of the polymer composite material by acoustic emission