2021 №2

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 7-26. Imaeva L.P., Mackey K.G., Koz’min B.M., Makarov A.A. Seismotectonic reactivation of the marginal suture zones of the Siberian craton

P. 27-48. Fridovsky V.Y., Loskutov Е.Е., Kondratieva L.А., Ivanov А.I., Kostin А.V., Soloviov Е.E., Ivanov М.S., Zhelonkina М.S. Geology, deep structure, magmatism, Au-Ag and Ag-Pb-Zn mineralization of the Chepchuginsky ore cluster (the Verkhoyansk-Kolyma mineragenic province)

P. 49-71. Kostin A.V. Mineralization in the Kildyam mafic volcanic rocks – a magmatic contribution
to ore-forming fluids (Central Yakutia, Russia)

P. 72-80. Mashchenko E.N., Plotnikov V.V. Mammoth fauna at the thermokarst lake Bulgunnyakhtakh (Ust-Yana district, Yakutia)

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 81-93. Spektor V.B., Shestakova A.A., Torgovkin Y.I. New genetic types of landforms and deposits of the coastal part of the western sector of the Laptev Sea and the Lena River Delta

General biology

P. 94-107. Rozhkov Yu.F., Kondakova M.Yu. Evaluation of the disturbance of forest ecosystems and their recovery after wildfire events in the Olekminsky reserve (Russia) using interpretation of Landsat satellite images

Biological resources

P. 108-116. Solomonov N.G., Anufriev A.I. Temporal organization of hibernation in the representatives of Erinacidae and Sciuridae families

P. 117-135. Bulakhova N.A., Mikhailova E.I., Berman D.I. Phenology of Siberian salamander (Salamandrella keyserlingii, Caudata, Hynobiidae) in climatically different regions of northeast Asia

P. 136-148. Nikolin E.G. Three standard flora of mountain systems of the North-East of Yakutia

P. 149-158. Simonova E.O., Simonov O.A., Subbotin A.M., Petrov S.A. Influence of bacteria isolated from permafrost on morphophysiological and biochemical parameters of plants under the conditions of chloride salinity

Metallurgy and materials science
Materials science

P. 159-169. Lukachevskaya I.G., Gavrilieva А.А., Kychkin А.К., Kychkin A.A., Struchkov N.F., Diakonov А.А. Estimate of the early stage of climatic aging of basalt- and glass-fiber reinforced plastics

P. 170-178. Lebedev D.I., Vinokurov G.G. Study of the sliding friction of modified wear resistant powder coatings with metal counterbodies