2021 №1

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 8-16. Shkodzinskiy V.S. Origin and genetic types of carbonatites

P. 17-31. Kopylova A.G. Distribution of rare elements at different evolutionary stages of Riphean and Phanerozoic tholeiite-basalt melts in the eastern part of the Siberian platform

P. 32-37. Kolosov P.N., Rozhin S.S., Olyenova K.S. Nature of the Neoproterozoic oncolites of the Urinsk uplift (the southern part of the Siberian Platform)

P. 38-48. Boeskorov G.G. Body sizes of the woolly mammoth Mammuthus primigenius (Blumenbach) of the second half of the Late Pleistocene in the north of Eastern Siberia

P. 49-59. Rozhin I.I., Kalacheva L.P., Ivanova I.K. Hydrate formation studies to improve the reliability of the natural gas production and transport under cryolitozone conditions

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 60-69. Baishev N.E., Shepelev V.V., Gagarin L.A. Patterns of naleds distribution along the Lena Highway according to multispectral satellite images


P. 70-77. Khosoev D.V., Matveev A.I. Improving the efficiency of development of overburden rocks and coals of the Elgin Deposit of Yakutia by softening them using surfactants

General biology

P. 78-92. Chevychelov A.P., Alekseev A.A., Kuznetsova L.I. The use of the magnetic susceptibility index of soils for the assessment of the ecological state of the soils in Yakutsk

P. 93-106. Burnasheva А.P., Vinokurov N.N., Evdokarova T.G., Popov A.A. About a new outbreak of the Siberian moth (Dendrolimus suberans sibiricus Tschetv.) in Central Yakutia

P. 107-115. Androsova D.N., Danilova N.S. Influence of temperature on germination of seeds of herbaceous plants in Central Yakutia

P. 116-129. Yakovleva M.L., Sidorov M.M., Danilov D.A., Shadrina E.G. Abundance and spatial distribution of stray dogs in different types of urban environment (by the example of Yakutsk)

Biological resources

P. 130-135 Nikolaeva O.A., Afanasyeva E.A. The new location Hemerocallis Minor Mill. in the territory of Yakutia

P. 136-144. Kan M.U., Shashurin M.M., Zhuravskaya A.N. Biological and toxicological activity of aqueousalcoholic extracts from a number of conifers of Yakutia

Metallurgy and materials science
Materials science

P. 145-154. Kychkin A.K., Struchkov N.F., Vinokurov G.G. Formation of the porosity of basalt-plastic composite materials during climate tests under the conditions of the North