2020 №3

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 7-14. Kudrin M.V., Polufuntikova L.I., Fridovsky V.Yu., Aristov V.V., Tarasov Ya.A. Geochemistry and the form of «invisible» gold in pyrite from metasomatites of the Khangalas deposit, North-East of Russia

P. 15-26. Oparin N.A.,Oleinikov O.B., Baranov L.N. Apatite from the Manchary kimberlite pipe (Central Yakutia)

P. 27-39. Trunilina V.A. Late Cretaceous Right-Kyrin massif of alkali-feldspar granites (VerkhoyanoKolyma orogeny region)

P. 40-48. Plotnikov V.V., Mashchenko E.N. New data on the range boundaries of the woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis Blumenbach, 1799) in the late Pleistocene

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 49-62. Spektor V.V., Huijun Jin, Torgovkin N.V., Maksimov G.T., Spektor V.B., Syromyatnikov I.I. Structural features of Pleistocene cryogenic deposits in the Lena and Amga Rivers Plain (Central Yakutia)

Mineral processing

P. 63-73. Matveev A.I., Vinokurov V.R. Development of the design of a new chopper of combined action

General biology

P. 74-88. Shadrina E.G., Vol’pert Ya.L., Okhlopkov I.M., Sidorov M.M., Danilov V.A. Mammalian population of the Upper Muna Basin (the Arctic Zone of the West Yakutia): Current state and forecast

P. 89-96. Voronov I.V. The content of flavonoids in Atriplex patula L. biomass during mechanical activation treatment

P. 97-109. Poryadina L.N. Materials on the lichenbiota of Central Yakutia

Biological resources

P. 110-116. Chikidov I.I. Features of the growth of Pinus pumila (Pall.) Regel communities in the OlekmoCharsky highlands of Yakutia.

P. 117-122. Rozhina S.M., Sleptsov I.V., Zhuravskaya A.N. Chemical composition of the lipid-protein fraction separated in the production of Epsorin biopreparation

P. 123-129. Krasnova A.N., Polshina T.N. A rare branching anomaly of Typha grossheimii Pobed. of the hydrophilic genus Typha L. (Typhaceae)

Metallurgy and materials science
Materials science

P. 130-142. Danilova S.N., Yarusova S.B., Okhlopkova A.A., Gordienko P.S., Sleptsova S.A., Buravlev I.Yu., Wang Liansai, Jiao Yang. The development of wear-resistant polymer-polymer composite materials based on UHMWPE

P. 143-151. Lepov V.V., Achikasova V.S., Makharova S.N., Zakharov V.E., Pavlov N.V. Failure analysis of the material of water boiler pipe operated in the Arctic zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)

P. 152-159. Romanov I.O., Makienko V.M., Vostrikov Y.A. About the «reliability of the material» paradigm