2020 №2

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 5-24. Imaeva L.P., Gusev G.S., Imaev V.S. Seismotectonics of the northern sector of the Verkhoyansk fold system (north-east of the Russian Arctic)

P. 25-44. Kostin A.V. Immiscible silica- and iron-rich melts at the Kildyam volcano complex (central Yakutia, Russia)

P. 45-55. Konogorova D.V., Kovalchuk O.E., Bardukhinov L.D. Unique diamond from the Nyurbinskaya pipe (Nakyn kimberlite field, West Yakutia, Russia)

P. 56-66. Pavlov I., Suzuki N. Tabayuryakhsky mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius Blum., 1799) from the island of Kotelny, Novosibirskiy Archipelago

P. 67-80. Klimovsky A.I. The bone remains of Mammuthus primigenius from the vicinity of Dapparay village, Olekminsky District, Southern Yakutia

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 81-86. Gotovtsev S.P., Klimovsky I.V. On the geocryological studies on the southern part of western Yakutia

P. 87-97. Zhang R.V., Pavlova N.A., Ogоnerov V.V., Lobanov A.L., Danzanova M.V. Civil construction on low floodplains in permafrost regions: experience, problems, prospects

General biology

P. 98-107. Protopopov A.V., Protopopova V.V. Steppe component of the Late Pleistocene ecosystems of Yakutia

Biological resources

P. 108-124. Isaev A.P., Bochkarev V.V., Solomonov N.G., Kirillin R.A., Shemyakin E.V., Gabyshev V.Yu. General overview of the Falconiformes fauna of the Middle Lena valley and adjacent territories

P. 125-136. Rozhkov Yu.F., Kondakova M.Yu. Comparative characterization of forests using the interpretation of ultra-high resolution images

Metallurgy and materials science
Materials science

P. 137-146. Suknev S.V. Quasi-brittle fracture of a structurally inhomogeneous material with a circular hole under compression

P. 147-156. Vasilev A.P., Okhlopkova A.A., Struchkova T.S., Alekseev A.G. Influence of modified sericite on the properties and structure of polytetrafluoroethylene.

P. 157-164. Markova M.A., Petrova P.N., Fedorov A.L., Popov S.N. Development of high-strength polymer materials based on polytetrafluoroethylene