2020 №1

Earth sciences
General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 7-19. Shkodzinskiy V.S. Quantitative model and petrology of acid magmas, genesis of ore-bearing hydrotherms

P. 20-31. Gorev N.I., Shakhurdina N.K., Salikhov R.F., Protsenko E.V. To the question concerning the erosion section of kimberlites of the Alakit-Markhinsky ore field

P. 32-42. Grinenko V.S., Baranov V.V. Global рaleogeography and paleobiogeography of the Middle Jurassic (Aalenian-Callovian) as derived from brachiopods

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 43-50. Makarov V.N., Torgovkin N.V. Pollution of atmosphere in Yakutsk by suspended substances

General biology

P. 51-59. Chevychelov A.P., Zakharova O.G. To the assessment of the phosphate status of permafrost soils of Southern Yakutia

P. 60-67. Anufriev A.I. Temperature regulation in the rhythm of winter hibernation

P. 68-75. Yamborko A.V., Kiselev S.V. Counting the number of stray dogs in Magadan

Biological resources

P. 76-84. Nikolin E.G., Kirillin E.V., Okhlopkov I.M. The productivity of some dominant forage herbaceous plants of the Zavyalov island (Magadan oblast)

P. 85-93. Stroeva N.S., Darkhanova V.G., Filippova G.V. Introduction to culture and in vitro reproduction of the Hemerocallis, variety ʻWine and Rosesʼ

P. 94-100. Prokopiev I.A., Sleptsov I.V., Poryadina L.N., Rozhina S.M. Annual dynamics of secondary metabolites in thalloms of Cetraria laevigata and Flavocetraria cucullata in Central Yakutia

Metallurgy and materials science
Materials science

P. 101-117. Petrova N.N., Portnyagina V.V. Effect of particle size and concentration of fluorine-containing polymer on the properties of frost-resistant elastomer based on propylene oxide rubber

P. 118-124. Efimov S.E. Filter-sorption method for treatment of oil-containing wastewater with non-woven sorbent «Ecosorb»