2019 №4


P. 7-24. Okrugin A.V., Tolstov A.V., Sleptsov A.P., Baranov L.N. Petrochemical features of the association of ultrabasic alkali rocks and carbonatites of the Tomtor massif and interpretation of possible trends of their evolution

P. 25-36. Pavlushin A.D., Stepenschikov D.G. The first results of studies of the distorted shape of dodecahedral diamond crystals from placers of the Yakutian diamond-bearing province

P. 37-48. Gerasimov B.B., Zhelonkin R.Yu., Zemnukhov A.L. Typomorphism of fine placer gold and potential primary sources of the Anabar mineral subprovince (the North-East of the Siberian Platform)

P. 49-66. Vasiliev D.A., Prokopiev A.V., Khudoley A.K., Ershova V.B., Kazakova G.G., Vetrov E.V. Thermochronology of the northern part of the Verkhoyansk Fold-and-Thrust Belt according to apatite fission-track age

P. 67-78. Tretyakov F.F. Terranes of the Verkhoyansk fold-and-thrust belt, East Yakutia


P. 79-85. Protopopov A.V., Troeva E.I., Protopopova V.V. Reconstruction of climatic gradients of the Late Pleistocene in Yakutia Based on paleobotanical data

P. 86-94. Sosina N.K. Some biological and ecological features of population of the Redowskia sophiifolia Cham. et Schlecht. on basin of the Sinyaya River (Central Yakutia)

P. 95-108. Efimova A.P., Isaev A.P. Recreational potential of Mount Kisilyakh of the Yansky Plateau (Northeast Yakutia)

P. 109-116. Sofronov R.R. About the forage resources of pastures of the wood bison (Bison Bison Athabascae Rhoads, 1987) in the Taiga Zone of the Tympynai Valley (Gorny District, Central Yakutia)

P. 117-126. Chikidov I.I., Borisov B.Z. Minimum Forest vegetation plots from mapping South-West Yakutia using satellite imagery

P. 127-135. Voronov I.V., Filippova G.V., Darkhanova V.G., Stroeva N.S., Fedorov I.A., Prokopev I.A. Antiradical and antioxidant activity of the extracts three kinds of medicinal plants and Lemna minor L

P. 136-142. Burnasheva A.P. Lepidoptera (Insecta, Lepidoptera), recommended for including in the New edition of the Red Data Book of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)


P. 143-151. Starostin N.P., Ammosova O.A. Thermal process control during electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipes at low temperatures

P. 152-160. Gerasimov A.I., Botvin G.V., Danzanova E.V. The effect of low temperature on the supermolecular structure of the material of welded joint in polymer pipes

P. 161-168. Maksimova E.M. Influence of low temperature on the heat affected zone structure of welded joint of low-alloyed steel

P. 169-178. Petukhova E.S., Fedorov A.L. Climatic tests of polyethylene based composite materials containing various types of stabilizers