2019 №2


P. 6-21.Imaev V.S., Imaeva L.P., Koz’min B.М. Geodynamic features of seismotectonic structures in central part of the Chersky zone (north-east of Russia)

P. 22-38. Kostin A.V. Ore breccias as a key to understanding the genesis of the silver and gold deposits in western Verkhoyanye

P. 39-49. Volkova L.S., Makarov V.N. Ecological monitoring in the regions where the separating parts of the Soyuz-2 rocket carrier fall at the territory of Yakutia

P. 50-56. Neradovskii L.G. Statistics of the resistivity of frozen loose sediments and sedimentary rocks in the Tuymaada valley of the Lena river

P. 57-64. Matveev A.I., Vinokurov V.R. Experimental studies on the intensification of grinding processes in a step centrifugal mill

P. 65-73. Batugina N.S., Gavrilov V.L., Tkach S.M. Principles of resource-saving management of quality for coal supply to the hard-to-reach regions of the north-east of Russia


P. 74-83. Korobkova T.S. Realization of the potential productivity of black currants under the conditions of cryolithozone

P. 84-95. Androsova D. N. Types of seed germination for the plants of central Yakutia

P. 96-106. Dyagilev G.T., Chernyavsky V.F., Egorov I.Ya., Sofronova О.N., Nikiforov О.I. Epizootological and epidemiological monitoring of the anthrax in the arctic and eastern zones of Yakutia

P. 107-117. Gorlacheva E.P., Afonin A.V., Gorlachev V.P. Fishes in the reservoirs of northern Transbaikalia


P. 118-126. Struchkov N.F., Vinokurov G.G. Formation of the macrostructure and porosity of the wearproof modified powder coatings

P. 127-133. Danilova S. N., Abakunova E. V., Sleptsova S. A., Ivanov A. N., Jin-Ho Cho. Polymeric composite materials based on uhmwpe filled with modified of montmorillonite