2019 №1

Earth Sciences

General and regional geology, petrology and volcanology

P. 5-17. V.S. Grinenko, V.V. Baranov, R.B. Blodgett, А.А. Goryacheva. Paleobasins of Earth in the late Triassic and stratigraphy of the terminal Triassic of the Boreal Subrealm

P. 18-32. A.A. Kirguev, К.М. Konstantinov, A.E. Vasilyeva. Basite petromagnetic legend of the Tungus syneclise Eastern board

P 33-42. S. S. Gogoleva, A. G. Kopylova. Petrological and geochemical characteristics of the basites of the Tenkelyakh area

P. 43-51. V.S. Shkodzinskiy. Genesis of early Precambrian complexes and of theirs metallogeny according to data of hot heterogeneous accretion of the Earth

Engineering geology, permafrost and soil science

P. 52-66. R. V. Zhang. Сurrent understanding of the performance of medium and small embankment dams on permafrost in a warming climate

General Biology

Botany, soil science

P. 67-76. L.P. Gabysheva, L.V. Kuznetsova. Forest vegetation of headwaters of the Amga river (from the mouth to river Hatyrkhay’s to the Amga ridge)

P. 77-81. A.N. Krasnova, A.N. Efremov, T.N. Polʼchina. About the anomalies in the inflorescence of the genus cattail Typha L. (Typhaceae)

P. 82-91. N.V. Filippov, R.V. Desyatkin. Irreversible transformations of the morphogenetic parameters cultivated pale soils of the cryolithozone under the influence of the initial stages of alas formation


P. 92-102. L.I. Kuznetsova, A.P. Chevychelov. Chemical composition monitoring of surface waters in the development zone of the Amur–Yakutsk Mainline

Biological resources

P. 103-108. E.S Khlebnyy, B.M. Kershengolts, M.M. Berezkina. The fatty acid composition of subcutaneous ringed seal fat (Phoca hispida) and the prospects for its use

P. 109-115. M. U. Kan, M. M. Shashurin, A.N. Zhuravskaya. Evaluation of biological activity and toxicity of wild plants extracts in Central Yakutia

Metallurgy and material science

Materials Science

P. 116-122. Petrov V.N., Lepov V.V. Physical Modeling of Brittle Crack Growth for dynamic impact on one-edge tension specimen

P. 120-130. M.V. Fedorov, M.I. Vasilyeva, G.G. Vinokurov. The use of ultradispersed powder additives to obtain hard-alloy working elements of the drilling equipment of the North