2018 №4

Earth Sciences

Geotectonics and Geodynamics, Minerageny

P. 5-15. Prokopiev A.V., Toro J., Miller E.L. Late Paleozoic-Mesozoic paleogeography of South-Verkhoyansk region from U-Pb dating of detrital zircons

P. 16-29. Imaev V.S., Imaeva L.P., Kozmin B.M., Petrov A.F., Shibaev S.V., Grib N.N., Kolodeznikov I.I. Possibilities of seismic danger estimation of natural and technogenic risk of «Yakutsk city» agglomeration

P, 30-44. Kostin A.V., Zhelonkina M.S., Savvinova L.A. Precious metal mineralization of Endybal ore mountain (Western Verkhoyanye, Russia)


P. 45-54. Semenov V.P., Zheleznyak M.N. Features of geotemprerature field and occurrence of permafrost section of Vilyui syneclise

P. 55-63. Efremov V.N. Estimation of influence of climatic factors on condition of permafrost on data of monitoring their apparent resistivity

P. 64-71. Makarov V.N., Markova S.A. Geochemical aspects of spring destruction of snow cover at Central Yakutia complex geocryological station «Tuymaada»

Biological Sciences

General Biology

Biological resources

P. 72-79.Efimova A.P. Features of composition, structure and dynamics of spruce forests of Middle Lena valley (Central Yakutia)

P. 80-88. Androsova D.N., Danilova N.S. Germination and seed sprouting pattern of rare plants of Yakutia


P. 89-96. Petrov R.E., Maximov T.Kh., Karsanaev S.V. Studies of interannual and seasonal variability of balance of carbon and permafrost rock mass in typical tundra ecosystem in Northeast of Russia

P. 97-108. Shadrina E.G., Vol’pert Ya.L., Odnokurtcev V.A., Sidorov M.M., Danilov V.A., Yakovleva M.L. Communities of small mammals in suburban area and undeveloped lands of Yakutsk

P. 109-117. Poryadina L.N., Prokopiev I.A., Konoreva L.A., Chesnokov S.V., Sleptsov I.V., Filippova G.V., Shashurin M.M. Adaptive biochemical mechanisms that ensure resistance of lichens to extreme environmental conditions (review)

Technical Sciences

Materials Science

P. 118-124. Ivanova S.F., Petrova N.N., Mikhaylova S.T. Collagen hydrolysates obtained from swim bladder of northern fish as modifiers of cold-resistant rubber for sealing purposes

P. 125-132. Prokhorov A.E., Plekhov O.A. Experimental investigation of process of fracture of steel 40X13T in mode of gigacycle fatigue