2018 №3

Earth Sciences

Stratigraphy, paleontology

P. 5-21. Kutygin R.V. Main stratigraphic and paleogeographic features of Lower Dulgalakhian regional substage of Permian system of Yakutia

P. 22-27. Kolosov P.N. New discovery of microfossils in Vendian (Ediacaran) of Berezovsky trough of Southern Siberian Platform and their systematic identification

P. 28-35. Protopopov A.V., Protopopova V.V., Hans van der Plicht. Forest ecosystems of late pleistocene of Yakutia

Petrology, volcanology

P. 36-52. Okrugin A.V., Yakubovich O.V., Ernst R., Druzhinina Zh.Yu.. Platinum-bearing placers of Siberian platform: mineral associations and their age characteristics as indicators of large igneous provinces manifested in old platform

P. 53-70. Trunilina V.A., Roev S.P, Zaitsev A.I. Petrology of granitoids of South-Eastern regions of Polousnyi range (Verkhoyansk-Kolyma orogenic region)

Biological Sciences

General Biology


P. 71-79. Оkoneshnikova М.V., Lessovaia S.N., Desyatkin R.V. Soils of larch forests in «Spasskaya pad» and «Elgeeii» stations (Central Yakutia)

P. 80-86. Protopopova V.V., Gabysheva L.P. Pyrological characteristic of vegetation in forests of Central Yakutia and its dynamics in post-fire period

Biological resources

P. 87-97. Shemyakin E.V., Vartapetov L.G., Isaev A.P. Learning and modern composition of birds of Aldan Upland

P. 98-104. Kopyrina L.I. Species composition of algae of reservoirs of Endybal river basin (Central Verkhoyansk range, Yakutia)

P. 105-113. Okhlopkova P.P., Alekseeva V.I., Gabysheva N.S., Yakovleva N.S., Neustroev A.N, Vladimirova E.S. Study of initial material of agricultural crops for selection in Yakutia

Technical Sciences

Materials Science

P. 114-120. Lebedev M.P., Permyakov P.P., Ivanov J.S., Yakovlev Yu.A.. Numerical simulation of stress-strain state of pipeline under heaving of ground

P. 121-126. Bolshakov A.M., Ivanov A.R.. Research of workability of main gas pipeline «Pavlovsk–Mayya»