2018 №2

Earth Sciences

Geology and Mineralogy of Diamondiferrous Provinces

Minin V.A., Tolstov A.V., Zhmodik S.M., Zemnukhov A.L. Amphiboles of carbonatite breccia of OrtoYargiskoe field, Polar Yakutia. Petrological aspect

Konstantinov К.М., Kirguev A.A., Khoroshikh M.S. Petromagnetic heterogeneities of stress: applied corollary of Villari effect

Permafrost Science, Engineering Geology, Mineralogy, Mineral Resources

Nikiforova Z.S., Kazhenkina A.G. Typomorphism of placer gold of the Khatyrkhay ore-placer cluster (Upper-Amga area)

Yakovlev V.L., Yakovlev V.A. Features of methodological approach to assessment of mineral and raw material potential of Arctic regions

Technical Sciences

Materials Science

Gulyaev V.P., Sibiryakov M.M., Petrov P.P., Stepanova K.V. Effect of form of graphite inclusions in cast irons on distortions of crystal lattice and crack resistance at modeling of operational loads of working elements of mining machines functioning in natural low temperature conditions

Lepov V.V., Grigor’ev A.V., Ivanov A.M., Achikasova V.S., Ivanova A.A., Balaklejskij N.S., Loginov B.A., Loginov A.B., Anempodistova L.G. Mechanisms of damage to materials and elements of steel structures operating in extreme conditions of North

Biological Sciences

General Biology


Soldatova V.Yu., Shadrina E.G., Karpova S.D. Bioassay of phytotoxicity of soils in Yakutsk using oat (Avena sativa L.) as test-object

Poskachina E.R. (Kang Mi Un), Shashurin M.M., Zhuravskaya A.N. Various methods of biotechnological processing of plant tissues of Central Yakutia and its Influence on toxicological properties of obtained extracts

Kulikov A.I., Ubugunov L.L., Mangataev A.Ts., Ahunzyanova S.A., Pigrova T.M., Usoltseva Т.S. About erosion activity by dells (on example of Transbaikalia)

Biological resources

Nikolin E.G. Distribution of species Castilleja (Scrophulariaceae) in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)