2018 №1

Earth Sciences

Petrology, Mineralogy

P. 7-15. Shkodzinskiy V.S. Genesis of Endogenic Geological Processes According to Data on the Hot Heterogeneous Accretion of the Earth

P. 16-29. Trunilina V.A., Roev S.P. Petrology and Ore Content of Magmatic Formations of the Ukachilkan Ore Field (Northeast Yakutia)

P. 30-38. Kostin A.V. Mineral Composition of Fe-Oxide-Cu-Au (IOCG) Ores in the Basalts of the Hurat Manifestation (Sette-Daban Ridge, Eastern Yakutia)

Permafrost Science, Engineering Geology

P. 39-47. Neradovskii L.G. A Statistical Study of Salinity and Electrical Resistivity of the Active-Layer Soils along Linear Projects in Central Yakutia

P. 48-53. Skryabin P.N. Dynamics of the Ground Thermal Regime along Linear Projects in Central Yakutia

Technical Sciences

Materials Science

P. 54-59. Bisong M.S., Mikhailov V.E., Lepov V.V., Makharova S.N. Welding Thermal Cycling Influence on Crack Resistance, Structure and Hardness for Low-Alloy High Strength Steel

P. 60-66. Ivanov A.M. Equal Channel Angular Pressing and Extrusion of Low-Carbon Steel

P. 67-74. Suknev S.V. Nonlocal Fracture Criteria. Finite Fracture Criterion

P. 75-80. Syromyatnikova А.S., Bol’shakov A.M. Degradation of Mechanical Properties and Structural-Phase State of the Metal of a Main Gas Pipeline at Long Operation in the Conditions of the North

P. 81-86. Struchkov N.F., Lebedev D.I., Vinokurov G.G. A Study of Open Porosity of Gas-Thermal Coatings with Modifying Additives

Biological Sciences

General Biology


P. 96-101. Kuznetsova L.I., Chevychelov A.P. The Estimation of Chemical Composition of Surface Waters in Neryungri Coal-Mining Region of Southern Yakutia

P. 102-107. Kolosova O.N., Savvina L.E., Nikolaeva E.N., Baisheva N.S., Douglas N.I. Features of Adaptation of Pregnant Women in the Conditions of High Latitudes

Biological resources

P. 108-113. Solomonov N.G., Sedalischev V.T., Solomonov K.S., Kirillin R.A., Protopopov S.G. Wintering of Siberian Salamander Salamandrella Keyserlingii (Dybowski, 1870) in Central Yakutia

P. 114-119. Isaev A.P., Mikhalova L.G., Chikidov I.I. Chosenia Arbutifolia Forests of the Central Part of the Verkhoyansk Mountain (the Arkachan River Basin)

P. 120-125. Krasnova A.N., Efremov A.N. New Species of Hydrophilic Genus Typha L. (Typhaceae) of Central Yakutia