2017 №4

Earth sciences
Petrology, mineralogy

Mustafin S.K., Anisimova G.S., Trifonov A.N., Struchkov K.K. Man-made mineral raw materials in the regions of subsoil use: nature, composition and prospects for rational use

Ivanov A.I., Kravchenko A.A., Zaitsev A.I., Loskutov E.E., Zhuravlev A.I., Prokopyev I.R. Features of the chemical composition of dark-colored minerals of the Dzheltulinsky massif as a reflection of the conditions of its formation and deep structure (South Yakutia)

Tomshin M.D., Kopylova A.G. Traps of the northeast of the Tunguska syneclise and the Olenek uplift. Comparative analysis

Geology and mineralogy of diamond provinces

Shakhurdina N.K., Tarskikh O.V. Methodology for contouring kimberlite fields using GIS technologies (on the example of the Yakutsk diamond province)

Maltsev M.V., Tolstov A.V., Starkova T.S., Ivanov A.S. Features of the material composition of kimberlites of the Syuldyukar field (Western Yakutia)

Biller A.Ya., Ugapieva S.S., Oleinikov O.B. Chrome spinels of diamondiferous tuffites of the Bulkur anticline (northeast of the Siberian platform)

Geology of oil fields

Sitnikov V.S., Alekseev N.N., Arzhakov N.A., Obolkin A.P., Pavlova K.A., Sevostyanova R.F., Sleptsova M.I. On the structure and prospects of oil and gas content of the offshore Arctic territories of Eastern Yakutia


Shpansky A.V., Ilyina S.A., Aliyasova V.N. New Finds of Remains of Elasmotherium in the South of the West Siberian Plain

Permafrost studies, engineering geology

Varlamov S.P., Zhirkov A.F., Nakhodkin D.A. Temperature regime of soils in case of disturbance of covers in the modern climatic conditions of Central Yakutia

Fedorova L.L., Kulyandin G.A. Methodology for GPR assessment of the moisture content of dispersed rocks

Technical science
Materials Science

Kovalenko N.D., Lepov V.V., Ivanov A.M. Physical modeling of the combined process of extrusion and screw pressing of steel

Golikov N.I., Saraev Yu.N., Tikhonov R.P., Semyonov S.V., Stepanova K.V., Harbin N.N. Method for restoring parts of mining equipment operating in the North

Vasilyeva M.I., Sharin P.P., Vinokurov G.G., Fedorov M.V. Quantification of the content of diamond particles on the working surface of a diamond drill

Stepanov A.V., Egorova G.N. Assessment of the influence of the radiant component on the complex heat exchange between the network pipeline and the water supply during joint laying

Biological sciences
Physico-chemical biology

Barashkova N.V., Neustroeva E.R. Influence of the growth stimulator “Krezacin” on the growth and development of awnless rump in the middle Lena valley

Egorov V.V., Kolosova O.N., Kershengolts B.M. Age-related and regional changes in critical physiological indicators of the cardiovascular system of the human body

General biology

Androsova D.N., Danilova N.S., Afanasyeva E.A. Influence of pre-sowing seed treatment on germination of species of the genus Iris


Protopopov A.V., Protopopova V.V. Pyrogenic Factor in the Formation of Late Pleistocene Ecosystems of Yakutia

Tsybenov Y.B., Chimitdorzhieva G.D., Nimbueva A.Z. Lead content in high-molecular organic compounds of chernozems of Transbaikalia


Kirillin E.V., Kirillin R.A., Nikolaev E.A. Characteristics of the use of the territory and the daily variation of the Siberian roe deer (Capreolus pygargus Pall., 1771) in Central Yakutia in the early winter period according to satellite telemetry data

Volpert Ya.L., Danilov V.A. Small mammals of the territory of the Tomtor rare earth metal deposit (Western Yakutia)

Vasilyeva V.K., Okhlopkov I.M., Borisov B.Z. Distribution of voles of the genus Alticola Blandford, 1881 in Yakutia and the creation of a model of their range in the MaxEnt software environment

Chugunov A.V., Sleptsov I.I., Chernogradskaya N.M., Ilyina E.N., Tarabukin N.I. Growth rate and some hematological parameters of young stock of different breeds of cattle in Yakutia