2017 №3

Earth sciences
Stratigraphy and paleontology

P. 7-16. R.V. Kutygin Ontogenesis reconstruction of the shell shape of the Early Permian ammonoids Uraloceras omolonense

P. 17-20. Kolosov P.N., Sofroneeva L.S. Finding the reproduction organs of algae in the Vendian of Yakutia

P. 21-29. Grinenko V.S., Knyazev V.G. Tukulansky section of the river. Baibykan – a new type of marine Jurassic Vilyui syneclise and Pre-Verkhoyansk foredeep

Permafrost studies, engineering geology

P. 30-37. Kalinicheva S.V., Zheleznyak M.N., Kirillin A.R., Fedorov A.N. Identification and mapping of frozen areas using satellite images (for example, the Elkonsky horst in South Yakutia)

P. 38-45. Makarov V.N., Torgovkin N.V. Geochemical characteristics of technogenic deposits (cultural layer) in the cryolithozone

P. 46-50. Grib N.N., Pavlov S.S. To the question of the influence of the morphology of the relief on the stability of the railway

P. 51-56. Timofeev N.G., Skryabin R.M., Atlasov R.A. On the temperature regime when drilling wells in permafrost conditions

Economic geography, geology

P. 57-63. Zhukov M.A., Filippov V.V., Kadashova N.A., Krainov V.N., Telesnina V.M. On the issue of optimizing the composition of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the Asian part of the country

P. 64-66. Nikitin V.M., Kolodeznikov I.I. The role of iron ores of the Sutam region in the economic development of the east of South Yakutia and their characteristics

Technical science
Materials Science

P. 67-71. Bisong M.S., Lepov V.V., Sivtsev P.V., Golikov N.I., Makharova S.N. Simulation of damage to welded structures under extreme operating conditions

P. 72-75. Erenkov O.Yu., Kovalchuk S.A. The effectiveness of the use of ceramic tools when turning caprolon

P. 76-81. Semenov M.E., Portnyagin A.S., Shits E.Yu. Obtaining synthetic natural gas hydrates from ice in closed reactors during thermal cycling

P. 82-85. Zakharov E.V. Experimental studies of the specific energy consumption of destruction of carbonate rocks under the influence of freeze-thaw cycles

P. 86-90. Monastyrsky V.F., Makalin I.A. Improving the efficiency of X-ray luminescent separation of diamond-containing raw materials

Biological Sciences
Physico-chemical biology

P. 96-100. Rabichev I.E., Kotov A.V., Danilova A.Kh. Motivational vector of stereovision development in adolescents and adults after strabismus elimination (physiological aspects)

P. 91-95. Nikolaeva E.N., Kolosova O.N. Physiological assessment of the state of the central nervous system of students during the period of educational activity

Soil science

P. 107-110. Shakhmatova E.Yu. Changes in the properties of litter and soils on burnt-out areas in pine forests of Western Transbaikalia

P. 101-106. Makarov V.S., Savvinov D.D., Savvinov G.N. Influence of water-charging irrigation on the thermophysical properties of permafrost meadow-chernozem soil in the valley of the Lena

Biodiversity, biological resources

P. 111-113. Sofronov R.R., Sofronova E.V. Spruce forests of the Sette-Daban ridge (basin of the Eastern Khandyga River, North-Eastern Yakutia)

P. 114-119. Krasnova A.N. Intersectional hybrid in the hydrophilic genus Typha L. Lake Zaulomskoe of the Vologda region (North-Dvinsk water system)

P. 120-123. Nikolaeva O.A. Diversity of Rosaceae (Rosaceae) in natural communities on the territory of the Yakutsk Botanical Garden

Introduction and breeding

P. 124-129. Stroeva N.S., Darkhanova V.G., Voronov I.V., Filippova G.V. Clonal micropropagation and breeding of Medicago varia in the conditions of Central Yakutia


P. 130-139. Rozhkov Yu.F., Kondakova M.Yu. The number of classes when conducting cluster analysis of space images when monitoring the state of forests

P. 140-145. Diaghilev G.T., Ignatieva M.E., Chernyavsky V.F. Epizootological monitoring of anthrax in the Vilyui zone of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and its epidemiological significance