2017 №2

Earth sciences

P. 5-10. Shkodzinsky V.S. Magma Genesis According to Model of Hot Accretion of the Earth

P. 11-16. Gerasimov B.B., Nikiforova Z.S. Expected Formation Types of Gold Primary Sources of the Anabar Region (North-East Siberian Platfrorm)

P. 17-21. I.N. Zueva, O.N. Chalaya, A.F. Safronov, A.I. Sivtzev, Ju.S. Glyaznecova, S.H. Lifshits. Oil generation potential of dispersed organic matter of the Permian deposits of the Vilyui basin

P. 22-27. Pavlova N.A., Danzanova M.V., Shepelev V.V. Landscape Preconditions of the Formation of Suprapermafrost Cryopegs in an Urban Area, Central Yakutia

P. 28-33. Shesternev D.M., Litovko A.V., Chzhan A.A. Individual Experience of Design and Construction at the Site «Ice complex» of Amur-Yakutsk Railway

P. 34-40. Varlamov S.P., Skachkov Yu.B., Skryabin P.N. Results of 35 Years of Permafrost Monitoring at the Chabyda Station, Central Yakutia

P. 41-47. Starostin E.G., Kravtsova O.N., Tappyrova N.I. The Models of Water Phases Equilibrium in Frozen Rocks

P. 48-52. Grigoriev Yu.M., Efremova E.N., Kozlov V.I., Tarabukina L.D., Korsakov A.A. The Effect of Variations of Geomagnetic Activity on the Growth Phase of the 24th Solar Cycle on the Pipeline

P. 53-56. Argunov V.V. Calculation of Atmospheric Spectra Signals Propagation on the Earth-Ionosphere Wave-Guide over Seismoactive Regions

P. 57-62. Vasiliev M.S. Quasiregular Oscillations of Soil Temperature in Yakutia: Relationship with Atmospheric Parameters and Solar Activity

Technical science

Metallurgy and Materials Science

P. 63-69. Sharin P.P., Yakovleva S.P., Vinokurov G.G., Popov V.I. Enhancement of Operating Characteristics of Hard-Alloy Diamond-Containing Composites due to Diffusive Metallization of Diamond Component During the Process of Sintering with Impregnation. Part II. Structural and Phase Organization of Interfacial Layers Between Diamond and Matrix

P. 70-75. Borisova M.Z., Struchkov N.F., Vinokurov G.G. Assessment of the Content of Corundum in Wear Resistant Coatings Obtained by Arc Metallization with Cored Wires

P. 76-82. Tarasov P.P., Pryadeznikov B.Yu., Petrov P.P., Stepanova K.V., Tarasov I.P. Influence of Chemical Composition of the Products of Direct Reduction of Iron Ore Used as Additive on the Process of a Liquid-Phase Sintering of Aluminum-Based Alloys

Biological Sciences

General biology

P. 83-90. Skrybykina V.P. Podzols of Central Yakutia

P. 99-104. Okoneshnikova M.V. Humus State of Soils of Pasture Alases in Central Yakutia

P. 105-110. Zakharova O.G. Study of Dynamics of Mobile Forms of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium in Cryogenic Meadow-Chernozem Soil of Central Yakutia in the Field Experiment with the Currants

P. 111-117. T.I. Ivanova, A.P. Chevychelov, N.P. Kuzmina. Influence of pyrogenically induced geomorphological processes on the state of microbial communities in permafrost soils in Central Yakutia

P. 118-125. Sympilova D.P. Soils of the Taiga Forest – Steppe Landscape Ekotone of Western Transbaikalia

P. 126-131. Gabyshev V.A., Remigailo P.A., Gabysheva O.I. Spatial Structure and Habitat Conditions of Phytoplankton of Rivers Connected by Delkyu Bifurcation

P. 132-136. Sleptsova N.A. Biological and Ecological Characteristics of Rape Cultivation under Conditions of Suntar Agrolandscape