2017 №1

Earth sciences

P. 7-12. Safronov A.F. Geological History of the Shelf of The East Siberian Sea

P. 12-20. Kilizhekov O.K., Tolstov A.V. Laws of Formation and Placing of Industrial Placer Diamonds in the Nakyn Kimberlite Field (Yakut Diamondiferous Province)

P. 20-28. R.V. Kutygin, V.G. Knyazev Shell Shape Ontogenetic Development Features of Ancient Representatives of Late Jurassic Genus Amoeboceras (Ammonoidea)

P. 29-32. Sofroneeva L.S., Troegubova I.N. Some Organic Remains from the Vendian South-Western Yakutia: Features of Microfossil and Ultrastructures of the Host Sandstones

P. 33-40. Grinenko V.S., Devyatov V.P. The Kitchan (K1b – K1al1) Subcomplex – a New Section of the Verkhoyansk Terrigenous Complex (Transition Zone from the Siberian Platform to the Verkhoyansk – Kolyma Folded Region)

P. 40-46. Baranov V.V. Boundary Lower and Middle Devonian Red-Colored and Volcanogenic Sediments of Northeast Russia

P. 46-52. Glushkova E.G. Native Gold of the Chochimbal Ore-Placer Cluster (West Verkhoyansk)

P. 53-57. Shepelev A.G. Effect of Different Soil Hydrothermal Conditions on Production of CO2 from the Leached Chernozem Soil (Modeling Experiment)

P. 57-62. Shesternev D.M., Ostreldina T.V. Addition to the Road Hydrothermal Deformations Research Method on Cryolithozone

P. 63-67. Savvina A.V., Popov S.N., Fedorov Yu.Yu. Monitoring of Experimental-Industrial Underground Gas Pipeline Made of Reinforced Polyethylene Pipes

P. 67-70. Boroev R.N., Vasiliev M.S. Relationship between Indexes of Geomagnetic Activity on the Main Phase of a Magnetic Storm for Various Types of Solar Wind

Metallurgy and materials science

P. 71-74. Kychkin A.K., Popov V.V., Kychkin A.A. Climate Resistance of Basalt Composite Reinforcement

P. 75-80. Ammosov G.S., Ivanov J.S., Ammosov A.P. The Features of Corrosion Exhaustion of Tanks Resource and Assessment of Intensity of Stress State Increasing in Welds

P. 81-87. Ammosov A.P., Yakovlev Yu.A., Kornilova Z.G. The Forecast of Long-Term Strength of Welded Joints of Pipes of a Siphon of the Underwater Crossing of the Oil Pipeline ESPO(VSTO)-1 across the Lena River

P. 87-90. Antoev K.P., Popov S.N. Study of Resistance to Hydroabrasive Wear of GRP Pipes with a Polyurethane Coating

P. 91-96. Erenkov O.Yu., Laptev D.V. Research of Fiberglass Destruction Process by Acoustic Emission Method

General biology

P. 97-104. Danilova N.S. The Results of Introduction of Rare and Endemic Plants of Yakutia in the Yakut Botanical Garden

P. 104-109. Gabysheva L.P. Life Forms of Larix Cajanderi Stems near Northern Tree Line in Yakutia

P. 110-113. Stroeva N.S., Darkhanova V.G. In vitro Callus Induction and Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explants of Medicago varia

P. 113-121. Nikolin E.G. About Productivity of Plant Communities of Arctic Tundra of Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island (the Novosibirsk Islands, Yakutia)

P. 122-128. Yaitskaya N.A. Caspian Sea Water Temperature and Salinity Field Reconstruction Using Hydrodynamic Modeling

P. 128-135. Afonina E.Yu., Tashlykova N.A. Littoral and Pelagic Plankton Communities of High Mountain Lake Shebety